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When it comes to protecting your property from the elements, your roof plays a huge role. As part of its duties, it is constantly subjected to the elements; hail, snow, rain, wind-blown debris, and unrelenting sun. Therefore, it is not surprising for your roof to show signs of damage or weaknesses. Since the finer details of your roof are not visible from the ground, it can be difficult to detect them.

It is for this reason that roof inspections are necessary many times in the life cycle of a home. You can rely on Trusted Home Improvements to properly inspect your roof when you need a good idea of its condition.

Why You Need Your Roof Inspected

In addition to being the protector of your home, your roof is one of your largest investments. Almost one-third of your home’s value is accounted for by the roof. The value of a property can be severely diminished by issues with an old roof. This is why a roof inspection is important before selling or purchasing a house.

It’s important to make sure you don’t buy a problem when you buy a house. We can perform a pre-purchase roof inspection so you can find out whether the home you are interested in buying was properly valued, or whether some repairs need to be made before signing the contract. Keeping your roof in good condition can prevent your property from being valued much lower when you sell it. An inspection of the roof can help ensure that.

A roof inspection is also recommended following a severe storm. The damage to a roof from a storm is often unseen and doesn’t appear as an obvious problem right away. Moreover, some obvious problems may be more complex than they seem, so have one of our technicians handle them for you. In addition to inspecting your roof and notifying you of any issues, we will ensure that nothing is overlooked. That way, we are helping to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to.