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Roofing is both an art and a science. You can’t maintain your home’s operations without a quality roof that prevents leaks for years and years. A new or existing roof system will last longer if it is properly maintained and regularly maintained.

Home and building owners will likely spend much more money repairing or prematurely replacing the roof system if they fail to perform regular inspections and maintenance. A single day of inspection and maintenance is a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire roof system.

Professional Maintenance

Roofing maintenance should be done at least twice each year. When problems are detected early, they can be managed before they become more serious. Routinely performing this procedure and documenting it should be established.

Performing inspections and maintenance after extreme weather events, such as hailstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, is also essential. The earliest possible maintenance should be made if the damage is detected.

What Roof Maintenance Means

There are certain items that are looked at closely by our roofing professional for annual maintenance because they are susceptible to damage. These include:

  • Flashing. Most leaks originate at flashings, so they are critical. The flashings should be inspected in detail at the following locations: skylights, perimeters, walls, penetrations, equipment curbs, and drains. Thermal movement, differential movement, and UV degradation typically cause flashings to be stressed more than membranes in roof fields.
  • Field. Maintaining the field of a roof should include observing the wear, the integrity of the laps, and the overall condition. Our roofing professionals are able to identify developing problems and provide appropriate maintenance methods.

In order to document the conditions of a roof, our roofing professionals use a maintenance checklist. Our checklists are tailored to your roofs specific requirements. 

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