3 lessons from a healthy home remodel

Find inspiration in a home renovation that not only has an appealing appearance but also creates a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere. This is achieved through a deliberate emphasis on incorporating ample natural light and establishing a strong connection with the surrounding nature. These are our 3 lessons from a healthy home remodel.

If you have aspirations of remodeling your home, rest assured that you’re part of a large group. A survey indicates that 69% of homeowners share the desire to enhance the appearance of their homes. Our consultant will offer insight and help to delve deeper into how you can skillfully balance structural enhancements, aesthetics, and your desired lifestyle to transform your dream home into a reality.

1. Delayed gratification brings forth the best plans.

We find that most homeowners are primarily focused on optimizing their living space while also making their home comfortable and a place that you are proud to call home.

Here are some key priorities:

  • Enhancing energy efficiency through structural enhancements, such as improved insulation and the installation.
  • Creating a tranquil environment for rest and relaxation..
  • Establishing a strong connection with nature by expanding their outdoor areas.

Example of multi-purpose doors.

Key Points: Although the urge to make immediate alterations upon moving into a new home is strong, exercising patience can lead to a better understanding of what truly deserves attention. This approach can lead to long-term enhancements that not only align with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences but also significantly increase your home’s value. Realtors widely acknowledge that incorporating new home windows can elevate a home’s value by at least 15%.

2. A great layout makes the most of your natural light

Most of our customers believe in the vital role of light for human happiness and comfort. However, they also acknowledge the importance of using light effectively, as an excess or deficiency can both pose challenges.

To ensure optimal utilization of light, you should consider the sun’s angle during the peak usage hours of each room. Here’s an example of  how you can leverage your home’s east-west orientation:

  • The primary bedroom typically faces west, allowing you to embrace the morning light without any struggle, as you can open the curtains to welcome beautiful, softly filtered illumination.
  • The breakfast room often faces east, enabling the homeowner to enjoy the delightful rays of sunshine while savoring their morning coffee.
  • The living room typically faces east, ensuring a glare-free experience when watching TV in the evenings.

The homeowner can also take measures to manage heat gain. This can be done by installing dual-pane E-Series windows with low-emissivity glass, which helps redirect light. Mechanized drapes and an awning on the west side of the house can further assist  in regulating temperatures.

Key Lesson: A happy home thrives on natural light, known to enhance mood, boost energy, and facilitate better sleep. As you design your home layout, consider if the rooms are appropriately positioned, and meet with our consultant to further discuss “daylighting” strategies. This involves planning windows strategically to maximize both natural light and energy efficiency.

3. In order to create a "healthy" home, windows & Doors are the key!

You should utilize windows and doors not only for the purpose of bringing in natural light, but also for various other beneficial aspects of a “healthy home.”
Here are the many functions that can be performed by new windows and doors:
  • Enhance views: Deliberately choose windows to effectively “frame” every view and ensure that greenery is visible from every window.
  • Facilitate fresh air circulation: In preservering many of the original openings of windows or door, this will encourage cross ventilation, as typically, your home was designed during a time when people relied on natural airflow.
  • Minimize external noise: The installation of new dual-pane windows significantly reduces the intrusion of noise from neighboring areas, traffic, and even heavy rain.