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Home Replacement Windows in Mississippi-Impeccably Installed Windows - Where Precision Meets Modern Elegance


Discover our diverse range of high-quality replacement windows designed to enhance your home’s appeal. Moreover, take advantage of free in-home window estimates for cost-effective solutions. In addition to various home improvement services in Mississippi, we ensure competitive prices for your project, bringing your vision to life with perfect windows.

home improvement services in mississippi-Immaculately remodeled bathroom by our company, showcasing precision, quality, and a touch of modern elegance.


Explore the expertise of our home remodeling contractors, proficient in a wide range of improvements. From top-tier windows and sliding glass doors to siding, gutters, tile showers, and more, we excel in providing exceptional remodeling services. To get started, book your free estimate and consultation today to effortlessly elevate your home.

home improvement services in Mississippi. new composite decking job done by trusted home improvement


At Trusted Home Improvement, our commitment is to offer proactive, reliable, and cost-effective home services and maintenance solutions. Whether you’re interested in new home windows, renovating your home, general home maintenance, or enhancing your outdoor decking, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, our team of dedicated local technicians is always available to assist with any household projects or repair needs you may have.


Explore a variety of budget-friendly home replacement window options that enhance your home’s aesthetic. Ranging from contemporary styles to timeless finishes, we’re your ultimate destination in Starkville, MS. Furthermore, our offerings encompass a variety of designs to perfectly complement your unique taste and preferences, including:

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Awning Windows

Visual showcase of diverse home window styles, illustrating various designs and options for your home's architectural enhancement

Casement Windows

Visual showcase of diverse home window styles, illustrating various designs and options for your home's architectural enhancement

Bay Windows

Visual showcase of diverse home window styles, illustrating various designs and options for your home's architectural enhancement

Slider Windows

Visual showcase of diverse home window styles, illustrating various designs and options for your home's architectural enhancement

Double Hung Windows

Home Upgrade Excellence

a kitchen under construction to get remodeled. home improvement services in mississippi

Transformative Insights: 3 Lessons from a Healthy Home Remodel

Embark on an exciting home remodeling adventure and uncover inspiration for crafting a visually pleasing and inviting space. Seamlessly integrating design elements and emphasizing abundant natural light, immerse yourself in the world of home remodeling. Be confident that the opportunities to bring your vision to life within your space are genuinely boundless.

Immaculately installed home replacement windows by our company, showcasing precision, quality, and a touch of modern elegance

Home Replacement Windows: Where Precision Meets Modern Elegance

Choose windows for comfort—maintain warmth, block heat, achieve balance. This decision reduces energy costs. Our Mississippi services offer efficient, appealing replacement windows. Invest in home comfort with our selection. Explore options for sustainability and aesthetic appeal. Our high-quality windows cater to diverse needs. Invest wisely for long-term comfort. Explore our range to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and ensure year-round comfort.

Home improvements services in Mississippi. Contemporary kitchen remodel showcasing modern design, functionality, and exquisite craftsmanship

Enhance Your Culinary Space: Top Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2023

Curious about transforming your kitchen into a functional and stylish hub? Look no further! Not only have we compiled the best ideas for your remodel, but we’ve also paired them with insights into emerging trends. Consequently, you can create an exciting culinary space that reflects both your personal style and the latest design influences.

Elevate Your Home with Replacement Windows

Let our design experts transform your home with exceptional replacement windows. This transformative process begins with a complimentary in-home window installation assessment. During this, we not only listen attentively to your ideas and preferences but also provide expert advice and work closely with you to plan and create your dream home. Our ultimate goal is to offer expert advice and collaborate on crafting your dream home with stunning new home windows. Furthermore, we treat your home with utmost care, making your vision for beautiful, energy-efficient windows a reality.

Immaculately installed home windows by our company, showcasing precision, quality, and a touch of modern elegance.

Tailoring Your Dream Bathroom

Exceeding the standard bathroom fitting – we tailor it to match your unique style and preferences. With over 25+ years of trusted experience in the realm of home construction, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every bathroom remodel project. Creating the dream bathroom for our customers is one of our favorite home improvements in Mississippi projects. Wondering why you should choose us for your bathroom remodel? Simply put, at Trusted Home Improvement, we prioritize crafting a bathroom that seamlessly fits – both your vision and lifestyle.

Exquisite bathroom transformation recently completed by our company, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Home improvement services in mississippi

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Experience a variety of options, including composite lumber decking, custom siding, roofs, and railing. Not just here to guide you through this exciting journey, we’re also highly skilled at home improvement services in Mississippi. Explore a multitude of inspiring ideas to kickstart your imagination, refine your unique design style, and discover the decking, siding, and railing combination that resonates with your vision. Additionally, with our dedicated help, turning your dream project into reality has never been easier. Let’s begin this adventure right here and now.

Captivating image of a charming home featuring a recent siding transformation and newly installed windows, enhancing its curb appeal. Home improvement services in Mississippi.

Transforming your home is our priority. Here’s how we’re making it happen:

⏰ Fast Installation: Say goodbye to long wait times! Our process ensures quick installations without compromising quality.

🗓️ Convenient Scheduling: We’ve fine-tuned our scheduling to match your availability, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

💰 Budget Options: We’ve introduced flexible pricing to suit various budgets, while maintaining our commitment to top-notch quality. Interested in financing? Explore our options for flexible financing.  

✅ Quality Assurance: We closely monitor every step to ensure exceptional results. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring we get the job done right.

🛡️Product Guarantee: Our products come with a warranty.   We stand behind our products, offering you peace of mind long after installation.

   Are you ready to elevate your home? We are your locally owned and operated company-near you.  Proudly serving Starkville, Mississippi and surrounding areas.  Give us a call today!


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Pam Hennan
Pam Hennan
Trusted Home Improvement installed new windows and 2 new doors at my home. Carson came over to give me an estimate. He was great! It was so nice having someone who was not pushy and simply answered my questions. I had other companies give me estimates and they were extremely pushy, which is a big turnoff for me. The price was compatible with other window companies. Carson stayed in touch with me giving me updates on when my windows would be installed. I could text him at any time and get an immediate response. I wanted a back door with a doggie door. They did not have any with doggie doors. Carson's son, who also works for Trusted Home, met me at Lowes to help me pick out a door that would fit. Not only did he help me get the right size, but he also met me up there to pick it up!!! He has a truck and I do not. He brought the door to my house and unloaded it. Who does that nowadays??? Nobody!!! I couldn't believe the hostility from both men! I cannot praise them enough!! I HIGHLY recommend this company!! I was MORE than satisfied with my windows, professionalism, communication, and HOSPITALTY! They deserve MORE than 5 stars! Great Job!!
John C Moore
John C Moore
Highly recommend!
Eagle Infinite
Eagle Infinite
Very professional job & the workers were so nice. Love my new windows!!!
Nic Mac
Nic Mac
Great quality, experienced installation crew and for an exceptional price. Their work beyond exceeded my expectations and the owners are very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend!!
Kennith Dill
Kennith Dill
Had old wooden windows with outer storm windows replaced with energy efficient ones. Trusted Home Improvement Company came out and evaluated my windows and was very professional and informative. He was able to give me a great price and a great delivery time. The windows arrived on time and were installed promptly. The installation was top grade and clean up was great. I would highly recommend this company for your home improvement projects.
Johnny Robbins
Johnny Robbins
Very good company to work with. Very professional in their work, work ethics and personality. You can trust them to do their work wether your at home or away.
Johnny Rainey
Johnny Rainey
The best you could ask for
Josh Junkins
Josh Junkins
Hugh and Rose Thompson are top notch!! Very helpful and very responsive to messages. They go out of their way to assist and help in any way they can. I highly recommend Trusted Home Improvement for anything you may need!!!