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Hire Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services From Trusted Home Improvements In Crawford, MS!

Does your kitchen lacks countertop space, or does it need additional cabinets to provide extra storage options? Perhaps you’re seeking kitchen makeovers to update and modernize an old-styled kitchen.

Whatever your goals are, skilled designers and kitchen remodel contractors are available at Trusted Home Improvements to help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams in Crawford, MS.

We have expertise in kitchen home improvement services including kitchen design and renovation in Crawford, MS, and the surrounding regions. 

Our commitment to our consumers distinguishes us from other kitchen home improvement specialists in Lowndes County. Request our consultation right now!

Kitchen Remodeling MS
Kitchen Remodeling MS
Range Of Activities In Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in any house. A typical homeowner in Crawford, MS, spends about three hours each day in the kitchen, which equates to around 20 hours per week – Nearly a whole day!

The kitchen is a multi-functional space where you may prepare food, host visitors, and share great meals with family and friends. Efficient and appealing kitchen makeovers are an ideal setting for these activities.

Our skilled kitchen remodels contractors have years of expertise and know how to provide liveliness to this room while giving enough storage and working space.

Our professional kitchen remodels contractors at Trusted Home Improvements may work with an existing layout or start from scratch to create unique kitchen layouts that best fit your space in Lowndes County. Our kitchen remodeling services include:

1) Selection Of Materials For Counter Tops

We provide options for countertop material for your upcoming kitchen makeovers, from quartz, granite or marble. Quartz countertops are fantastic because they resist stains, scratches, heat, acid, and impact. They do not need to be sealed like genuine stone and are available in various hues and designs since they are non-porous.

Another popular material that appears elegant and adds attractiveness to any house is polished granite. The only disadvantage is that they need more care than quartz and require a regular sealing regimen to keep them beautiful.

One benefit is that the costs of granite and quartz are similar. The most cost-effective material for your project is laminate, which comes in many designs that look like genuine stone or wood but cost a fraction of the price of actual stone.

If you want a more rustic design, butcher-block-style wood is visually beautiful and very heat resistant, so hot pots and pans won’t damage the surface.

2) Selection Of Flooring Type

Appropriate flooring can provide comfort and aesthetics to your workspace. Several flooring options are available, including hardwood, fake wood, bamboo, and tile. It is usually done before cabinets or countertops are installed to avoid harming them while our crew puts them on the floor.

The installation of new hardwood floors revitalizes the appearance of the kitchen. Another common alternative is tile. For small kitchen remodels, dark tile choices with contrasting white grout are becoming more fashionable.

3) Renovating Cupboards & Cabinets

Small kitchen remodeling is an intelligent approach to installing bespoke cabinetry or new cabinets. Please contact Trusted Home Improvements if you want your designer kitchen to include under-cabinet lighting, open shelving, or frosted shelving.

According to design kitchen remodels contractors, when making substantial modifications to your kitchen, the kind of cabinet materials you choose has a crucial consideration since they improve the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. It’s important to consider form, function, and what you like and dislike.

Do you need extra appliance storage? Once you’ve decided where you want to store items, you can start thinking about door types. Do you prefer frameless cabinets, also known as full access cabinets, or framed cabinets, in which all drawers and doors are connected to a box frame?

We can assist you in answering these questions by creating a design for you to see before we begin work.

Why Hire A Expert Contractor For A Kitchen Remodel?

When determining the kitchen remodel cost, the factors which will have the most influence are the broadness of the job, the design you choose, and the finishes. Although performing the job yourself might save you money, you risk not completing your project properly and on schedule if you lack the necessary skills.

When you engage with our full-service kitchen remodeling business that has previously worked on other houses in the Lowndes County region, you have access to a team of designers and supervisors who can sort out all of the specifics. We provide precise estimates and quality assurance for our work on more significant projects.

Like other remodeling projects, the cost of your kitchen renovation will be determined by the extent and quality of the materials you choose. Some kitchen renovations need modest alterations in the cabinets, worktops, and flooring, while others may need relocating walls and a whole overhaul.

We will visit your house in Crawford, MS, and examine the structure to provide you with the most accurate price. We will then create a design plan for your new kitchen. We will then be able to give you an exact estimate of the kitchen remodel cost.

Therefore, contact Trusted Home Improvements as soon as possible so that we can send a kitchen remodeling contractor to you and begin the process of living in your ideal house.

Bring Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Life With Trusted Home Improvements!

The good news is that hiring our reliable kitchen renovation contractors will not break the bank. Our kitchen remodels contractors can finish your job on schedule with high-quality materials installed by some of the best designers in Crawford, MS.

Our kitchen remodels contractors handle every facet of your kitchen makeovers. We’ve completed several projects, and our prior customers rave about our time management, organization, and communication skills. You may put your trust in us with your project.

The kitchen remodeling contractors at Trusted Home Improvements will make your ideal kitchen a reality. If you want to renovate your master bathroom, kitchen, or any other home area, call us at 833-378-2748.

Kitchen Remodel Mississippi

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Crawford is a small town in Lowndes County, Mississippi, United States. The population was 641 at the 2010 census. During the 1840s, a Baptist minister named Peter Crawford lived in the area. When the town was platted in 1852, it was named Crawfordsville. This name was used until 1870, when it was shortened to Crawfordville. Finally in 1879 it was changed to Crawford.

Crawford is located at 33°18′22″N 88°37′19″W / 33.30611°N 88.62194°W (33.306205, -88.621933).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 1.4 square miles (3.6 km2), all land.

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An updated kitchen can help your house stand out for prospective buyers, which can help you sell faster and for more money. If you aren’t selling your home, it also becomes an instant attraction when entertaining guests.

No however, If the thought of handling multiple subcontractors and planning their timelines over the course of months sounds unbearably stressful, then you probably should find a general contractor.

It’s illegal to do construction without the Department’s approval or permits. Illegal construction is unsafe and may results in fines.

Although many variables play into a kitchen remodel, most experts estimate that an average kitchen renovation can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

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